Songs by Boris Ochkaev

Boris Ochkaev is a popular singer in Kalmykia.

Overture "A Festival in Urga" by Natsagdorj, Ts.

This Natsagdorj(1951-2010)'s symphonic overture describes a festival in "Urga". Urga(Mongolian: Өргөө, Örgöö, "Residence") or is an old name of Ulan Bator. He started to receive a professional education of music in the state teachers college(many Mongolian famous composers graduated this college.) and he studied also in Ural conservatory of Soviet. He wrote many works of all kinds. Operas, ballets, symphonies, chamber music, film music, Lieds, popular songs and so on.

Sonata for Violin and Piano by Jantsannorov, N.

Jantsannorov, Natsagiin(1948- ) is a leading composer in Mongolia. He is famous for the soundtrack of the film "Mandukhai the Wise" and many other popular songs. He also plays a important role of cultural policies, because he worked in the Ministry of Culture and he was close to Filatova, who was a wife of Tsedenbal. He was a one of people who established State Morin Khuur ensemble and made morin khuur a symbol of Mongolia. He studied musicology in Kiev Conservatory. This sonata was recorded in 1979.

Overture "Friendship" by Choidog,E.

Overture "Friendship(Найрамдал)" was composed in 1962 by Choidog, E.(Э.Чойдог, 1926-1988) who is one of the most famous composers in Mongolia. Choidog wrote many pieces for ballet and traditional dances. His ballet "The Tale of Lady Choijid" is often performed in the state opera theatre of Mongolia. Also he worked as a music adviser of the national ensemble of the folk songs and dances. This overture was dedicated to the affiliation of USSR and MPR.
USSR Radio and TV symphony orchestra
conducted by Evgeni Akulov

Gonchigsumlaa "Symphony No.2"

Gnchigsumlaa, Sembyn(Sambyn) (1915-1991) is one of the most famous composers in Mongolia. He was born in Bayankhongor prefecture. He went to Irkutsk and studied veterinary medicine. He also studied music and became a member of the Radio orchestra there. When he came back to Monglia, he worked as a veterinarian and a translater. But he liked music, so he choosed a life of musician. He started working in the band of the State Circus. At that time the Mongolian socialist government needed young artists for modernizing Mongolian culture and Ideological propaganda. They send Gonchigsumlaa to Moscow Conservatory. He learned academic style of composition(his teachers were S. Bogatyrev, E. Messner, D. Rogali-Levitskii, I. Drujinin). After coming to home country, he took an active part in musical world of Mongolia. He was a chairman of Mongolian composer's association, a residental composer of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre and a professor of the State college of Music and Dance, and a musical director of the State Radio.

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Yapony Bagsh

Author:Yapony Bagsh
Welcome to the world of Mongolian music! I've studied Mongolian language and musical culture in Ulaanbaatar(the capital of Mongolia) for one year. I hope you enjoy various music of Mongolic peoples.