Overture "Friendship(Найрамдал удиртгал)"

Overture "Friendship(Найрамдал)" was composed in 1962 by Choidog, E.(Э.Чойдог) who is one of the most famous composers in Mongolia. Choidog wrote many pieces for ballet and traditional dances. His ballet "The Tale of Lady Choijid" is often performed in the state opera theatre of Mongolia. Also he worked as a music adviser of the national ensemble of the folk songs and dances. This overture was dedicated to the affiliation of USSR and MPR.

Performed by Evgeni Akulov(conductor), USSR Radio and TV symphony orchestra


Festive Overture(Баярын жавхаа удиртгал)

The Festive Overture(Баярын жавхаа удиртгал) was composed by Namsraijav, Ts.(Ц.Намсрайжав,1927-1987) who is one of the most famous composers in Mongolia. He wrote some orchestra pieces and songs. His song "Khaluun elgen nutag miny"(words by Badraa, J.) is sung like the second national anthem of Mongolia now. He was also a leading conductor and trained Mongolian symphony orchestra. This overture was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the 1921's revolution.

Performed by Namsraijav, Ts.(conductor), Mongolian State Philharmony Symphony Orchestra
Recorded in 1980 in Ulaanbaatar

foreword of this blog

In this blog I would introduce the wonderful music made by Mongolic peoples (people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Buryat, Kalmyk and other people involved with Mongols).Recent years I've got some CDs and LP records of Mongolian music. They include the recordings of orchestral works of Mongolian composers. Mongolian comtemporary music has hardly known in other countries. I want many people to know the works and also traditional music and popular music of Mongolic peoples. So I will upload the videos and audio files of them here.

Mongloian folk songs by purged musicians

These recordings were performed by a singer M.Dugarjav(1893-1946) and morin khuur(horse headed fiddle) player D.Tudev(1898-1938). Dugarjav was a excellent singer , and Stalin highly admired when he and the group of Mongolian State Theatre performed in the Soviet Union. He also was the first member of the People's Party that was the main group of Mongolian independent revolution in 1921. Furthermore he was a politician in the foreign affairs field. He was arrested for the disgrace of the counterrevolution in 1941 and died of sickness by the arrest and the prison. Tudev, who was a famous musician, also went to the USSR to join the performances of Mongolian State Theatre. He was purged as a counterrevolution and feudalism person because of his aristocratic roots.

The tunes are 《The Four Seasons》, 《A Young Coachman》, 《Jewelry Beads》, and 《Flow of the Kherlen River》.

Recorded in Moscow in 1935.
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Yapony Bagsh

Author:Yapony Bagsh
Welcome to the world of Mongolian music! I've studied Mongolian language and musical culture in Ulaanbaatar(the capital of Mongolia) for one year. I hope you enjoy various music of Mongolic peoples.